About Us

It all started with the company Spain Media in 2003 and we organised our first exhibition in the World Trade Centre, WTC, in Stockholm in October 2003 with 14 exhibitors which attracted 1.500 visitors.

The company expanded into Norway the following year, where they organised a fair in Oslo called ” Viva España”. A decision was then made to invite exhibtors selling properties on the international market to the exhibitions in Stockholm and Oslo, hence also the name change of the company, to Fair Media International AB.

From the start in 2003 Fair Media International AB has arranged nearly 80 exhibitions under the name BUYING PROPERTY ABROAD. During 2013 we will do 8 exhibitions in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo in Sweden and Helsinki in Finland.

From spring 2012 we moved the Stockholm exhibition to Kistamässan, a new exhibition hall in the northern part of Stockholm but we will go back to Globen Annexet from time to time.