Information for exhibitors

Find your buyers in Scandinavia. Reserve a stand at the leading
property exibition in the Nordic region, BUYING PROPERTIES ABROAD.

Organized by Fair Media International, the largest exhibition organizer in Scandinavia. These events serve as a
crucial marketplace for global exhibitors aiming to showcase their properties to prospective buyers in Sweden.

Key reasons to target Scandinavian buyers at the 2024 exhibitions:

  1. The market and the Swedish currency is rebounding and showing improvement.
  2. Scandinavians are actively investing in off-plan and second-hand properties.
  3. Gain direct access to the Nordic marketplace, connecting with thousands of potential buyers.
  4. Research indicates that 250,000 individuals in the region plan to purchase homes overseas in the coming years for various purposes.
  5. Almost 100% of the visitors are English speakers.

Explore our 2024 exhibition schedule for an excellent opportunity to tap into the robust Scandinavian overseas property market.

BUYING PROPERTIES ABROAD in Sweden autumn 2024

Stockholm, Sweden
Date: October 12 – 13, 2024

Gothenburg, Sweden
Svenska Mässan
Date: November 23-24, 2024

Exhibitors information for the upcomming EXHIBITIONS

Below are links to information for specific exhibitions, recommended hotels, times for moving in, opening hours, etc.

Exhibitors information for Stockholm

Exhibitors information for Gothenburg

Stand Furnishing:

Package including carpet, electricity, and spotlights can be ordered through your contact at Fair Media:

  • 4-10 m2: 500 SEK/m2
  • 12-20 m2: 400 SEK/m2
  • 21+ m2: 300 SEK/m2

Other furnishings, such as TV, brochure stands, counters, etc., is ordered directly through Malmö Mäss Service (MMS).

List of extras in Stockholm

List of extras in Gothenburg

Contact: Jaqueline Tegstam +46 765-25 70 82

Printed Materials:

Posters and other printed materials can be ordered via MMS (see above) or from Linderots Printing. Cost is approximately €90-110 per wall section. If you need assistance with putting up materials on the walls, this must be ordered from MMS.

Paper + tapePlastic + tapeSofttext + velcro
6 pcs€540€600 €720
8 pcs€680€730 €880
10 pcs€800€900 €1 100
12 pcs€910€1 080 €1 320
14 pcs€1 000€1 260 €1 470

Contact: Mats Wangenfors +46 708-14 87 84

Stand Walls:

Here are images of different stands for inspiration regarding walls and furnishings.

Rules for Exhibitors:

Find our Terms & Conditions with information about booth construction/dismantling, food & beverages, etc.


Question: When can you move in/start building the booth?

Answer: Usually from 16:00-20:00 on Friday or from 08:00 on Saturday.

Question: What are the opening hours of the fair?

Answer: Usually 10:30-17:00 both Saturday and Sunday. Double-check exhibitor information for each fair.

Question: How do you attach posters/signs to the walls?

Answer: Either with double-sided tape behind or with clips at the top. Be sure to use the right type of tape – if the walls are damaged, you may be liable for compensation.

Question: What about the booth at closing on Sunday?

Answer: You must remove materials from the stand walls yourself. Otherwise, MMS will invoice you for the working hours. MMS can store and transport your materials to the next fair for a fee.

Question: Can we serve alcohol from our stand?

Answer: Yes, but alcohol must be ordered from the restaurant at the respective fair. No self-brought alcohol.

Exhibitor information

Opening hours is between 10.30 – 17.00 if no other information is provided